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Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED) is a training institute for common people, who always dream to become an Entrepreneur, to add value to their lifestyle. MCED from the year 1988, created so many successful entrepreneurs in the society, the entrepreneurs were proved such an asset to the society that they not only developed themselves and their family but also they touched too many life’s in the society by helping other to fulfill their dream either by providing them employment or by selflessly motivating them to become entrepreneurs like them.

Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development not only provides the quality entrepreneurship training but also provides the handholding support to all the trainees unless and until their dreams become reality.


With some sponsoring agencies like Directorate Of Industry, District Industry Centre, Department of Science and Technologies, Ministry Of Textile, National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Agricultural Department, Tribal Department, BARTI, Khadi Village Industry Commission, National Institute of Design, etc. MCED use to provide free quality training courses to the trainees under different age groups between 18 years to 45 years and with minimum educational qualification of 7th std pass trainees to Post Graduate trainees as per the requirement of the different sponsoring agency.


MCED had played a great role in the growth of Entrepreneurship in all over Maharashtra and this is only possible because MCED had reached to the people of 8 regions (Amravati, Aurangabad, Nasik, Nanded, Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur) and 38 District of Maharashtra with a team of one Regional Officer for each region and one to two Project Officer for each district depending about the demographics area of the district along with 5 to 20 Program Organizers which not only helps MCED to study the possibilities of business in the specific demographic area but also it help to understand the problem of unemployment faced by people in the specified area and MCED had played a major role in providing solutions with the quality training and helped them to become self-reliant.


MCED had a history to work for all target groups of society and also achieved the SKOCH and Maxell award for creating entrepreneurship and making self –reliant people in society.

MCED has expert trainers and facilitators which are more than 1500 in numbers and also have more than 30 certified trainers from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute Of India (EDII, Ahmedabad) and NIESBUD. MCED has great packages of training with contents scrutinized and analyzed from a third party so that the trainees who come with the wiliness of doing something on the first day will leave the training with a practical business idea on the last day of the training. The syllabus of training designed in such a wonderful way that the trainee’s curiosity will increase to know what next and trainees will get each and everything required for their business step by step with proper understanding.


There are different course which was taken by MCED in all over Maharashtra from 2 days to 6 months naming Residential Entrepreneurship Program (REDP), Entrepreneurship Development Program(EDP), Technical Residential Entrepreneurship Development Program(TREDP), Technical Entrepreneurship Development Program (TEDP), Organizers Training Program (OTP), Training of Trainers(ToT), Faculty Development Program (FDP), Seminars, Workshop, Be an Entrepreneurs Program (BEP), Women Empowerment Programs(WEP), Exhibitions, etc. 


In REDP training MCED provides all the facilities like lodging and boarding facilities for the trainees along with the quality training for 18 days, were trainees were allowed to stay in the group of 30 people, were they get entrepreneurial inputs like Yoga sessions in the morning, Business Opportunities Searching and Scanning, Government Laws, rules and regulation, license & business schemes, Achievement Motivational Training and Project Report Preparation along with Industrial Visits, the specialty of this training is that each person will get an equal opportunity to speak or perform activities in front of a group so that even the shiest person in the group will soon become one of the active groups and start exploring the opportunities. 


The content of the Entrepreneurship Development Program(EDP) is similar to REDP but the only difference is EDP is non-residential.


TREDP or TEDP are the technical or more precisely are the practical quality training program that provides a new technical or practical and useful skill to the trainee along with the theoretical training. It can be both residential and non-residential.


FDP or ToT programs are for the development of trainers were expert trainers will train the faculty or enthusiastic trainer to become the trainer of MCED in the future.

WEP program focused on women entrepreneurship and empowerment was a group of women who will get the best quality entrepreneurial input to become self- reliant.

MCED not only takes sponsored programs but also takes a non-sponsored program. In this non–sponsored program MCED takes affordable fees from trainees and provides the best quality training. The training can be technical (practical) or non-technical(theoretical) according to the need analysis.


MCED has its monthly magazine called Udyojak whose special Diwali edition has won Darpan Purskar and many other awards. Udyojak is also contributing to create awareness regarding entrepreneurship in society. The content of the magazine was written and edited in the best way by experts so that each reader of the magazine will get an opportunities to read inputs from great minds, in this magazine readers will get a full estimation of different business every month, the magazine contains advertisements of past trainees, different industries, banks, etc, the magazine contains an article on trending business ideas. The magazine provides information on all 8 Regional Offices of MCED along with their address and phone numbers of respected office and working officials. In March 2020, the monthly magazine has moved to a new dimension and become a complete four-color magazine which was earlier available only in black and white except the cover which was in four colors. The monthly magazine of March 2020 was Special Edition on Women Entrepreneurs. Not only that Udyojak Magazine has 6000 subscribers in all over Maharashtra and it provides an open platform to everyone to publish their advertisement in it and for MCED trainee there is a discount of 10% in the advertisement fees and Udyojak subscription is also affordable it is available for Rs.500 for one year.

Now MCED has moved very drastically with the scenario, MCED along with the offline training entered into Online Quality Training. MCED currently working on Industry 4.0 which came in 2019 and MCED is striving to set its mark on Industry 4.0.

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